Effective Business Storytelling Techniques

By: Sheila M. Trask in Storytelling in Business

Corey Blake Shares Techniques for Effective Business Storytelling

“Every business has a heart that can be expressed through storytelling,” writes Corey Blake, founder and CEO of Round Table Companies.

In this article, Blake shows what happens when leaders share their company’s core story with the world, and he explores how authentic business storytelling techniques can build profoundly strong connections between businesses and all of their stakeholders.

Business Storytelling Techniques with Impact

“Unpacking your organizations story has both an immediate and lasting impact on the business,” says Blake.

He goes on to explore three compelling reasons to grow your business storytelling capabilities: leveling up your business inside and out; building a powerful purpose-based brand narrative; and differentiating your business in the marketplace.

Do you want to tell the story of your business?

The Real-World Benefits of Business Storytelling

In over fifteen years of working on storytelling with business leaders, Blake has seen these strategies bear fruit in the real world time and time again. Here, he shares his experiences with business storytelling in a variety of settings, from a company that employed professional caregivers for disabled children to a business designed to help low-wage workers access their pay on demand. In each case, he shows how business storytelling builds loyalty and engagement while “driving a connection between personal and organizational purpose.”

Your Organization Has a Story to Tell

Develop your business storytelling muscles by getting curious about your business, its past, its purpose, and its future, suggests Blake. Then use that story to elevate your business to new heights.