How Business Storytelling Strengthens Your Brand

By: Sheila M. Trask in Thought Leadership

Business leaders understand the value of a strong brand, but where does that strength come from?

It comes from authentic business storytelling, says Corey Blake, CEO and founder of Round Table Companies. In this tip-filled article, Blake shares a road map for building a business storytelling ecosystem that gets business leaders in touch with followers who will be committed ambassadors for their business long into the future.

Create Connections with Business Storytelling

Blake has worked with CEOs and founders to build their brands through stories for over a decade. Here he shares three steps for developing a brand story that is rooted in the founder’s most cherished goals for the business and also extends out into the world to connect on a personal level with the business’s key stakeholders, at any phase of the business.

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Find Your Tribe with Business Storytelling

An authentic brand must hold true to the business’s deeply held mission and purpose, says Blake, because the only way to truly connect with your audience—your tribe—is to share who you actually are.

To grow your tribe means building relationships with customers and clients who “get” you and who will not disappear after one transaction. By following the tips for building an authentic brand Blake shares here, you’ll begin to create transformative relationships that will evolve and strengthen over the life of your business.

Get Emotional with Your Business Storytelling

Don’t be surprised to find words like “vulnerable” and “nurturing” and “lovable” embedded in this advice, because deep emotional exploration is the heart of authentic business storytelling.

It’s worth digging deep, suggests Blake, because developing your brand around the true story of your business can help you build meaningful, often life-long, relationships.