Welcome, Dear Friends

I am so moved to contribute to our Conscious Capitalism Community.

How courageous is your company culture?

I invite you, my Conscious Capitalism friends and colleagues, to accept the Courageous Company Culture Challenge and invite up to 25 of your employees to experience our purpose workshop (the self-paced version of the workshop I delivered at the CEO Summit and to you online).

This culture temperature check will enable you to start making more strategic decisions about where to place your culture investments and enhance your human capital. It includes three components. First, I guide your employees through the experience of capturing their own deeply authentic personal purpose and connecting it to your organization’s purpose. Next, I personally analyze the aggregated data from your group to clarify early insights to the state of your culture. Then, you and I will get on Zoom to review and discuss your company culture temperature check and what actions you might take to leverage these insights toward tangible business outcomes.

Accept the Challenge!

  • Invite a group of your employees to connect personally to your company’s purpose and values

  • See how deeply your company’s purpose and values have permeated in this sample of your employees

  • Learn what percentage of employees are innate ambassadors for each value and which of your values are under-represented

  • Gain visibility into how psychologically safe your employees really feel within your company culture

  • How to identify support your employees need when stressed so they're less likely to unconsciously sabotage your culture (and business results)

  • Know where making strategic culture investments can produce real and legitimate business outcomes

How to Participate in the Courageous Company Culture Challenge

1. Accept the Challenge

Accept the challenge and make your payment. Your Conscious Capitalism discount of $100 off per employee has already been applied. (You do not need to have chosen your 25 people yet to accept the challenge!)

2. Read the Confirmation Email

Read the confirmation email you receive for tips about selecting and approaching your 25 people and download the templates to prepare to submit them for the challenge.

3. Finalize Your Registration

When you have your list of people, follow the link in the confirmation email to upload that along with your company purpose and values language.

4. We Will Communicate with Your Employees

Each of your employees will receive a welcome email with instructions within 2 business days and you will receive confirmation when we communicate with them.

5. Your Employees Will Have 14 Days

Each employee will have 14 days to complete the workshop from the day they receive their welcome email.

6. Schedule Your Assessment Review

You will receive an email to schedule your culture temperature check with Corey, where he will review the aggregated results with you.

* Tiered pricing is available for larger groups of employees. For further details, please contact us.