Round Table Storytelling Academy

We’ve been in the business of educating and inspiring for more than 16 years. Now, we’re providing education services directly to you, to guide you in telling your story, shine light on your beauty and brilliance, and empower you to connect the dots between your life’s journey and your hero’s purpose in the world today. The world deserves to see your life as a work of art, because art changes the world.

Here’s how your adventure unfolds.

Each of the story experiences at the Academy guide you in revealing your hero’s purpose. Whether self-guided or in community, our courses, minicourses, and workshops are designed to challenge you in how you go about exploring yourself and sharing YOU with the world as an act of service.

Our flagship courses use the hero’s journey framework to unearth the story of how you’ve met moments of survival with remarkable creativity, awakened your superpower, and turned your pain into purpose—all within a like-minded community witnessing the stories you were meant to bring into the world, together.

Our minicourses illuminate the powerful tools and techniques needed to be of service to others by elevating your capacity and ability to show up with beauty and brilliance.

Our workshops cut deep to the heart of who you are in less than 60 minutes.

All our Academy offerings guarantee transformation. We’re not kidding. Whether a workshop or a course, you will be introduced to the beauty and brilliance of you. With that story in hand, you can show the world who you are.

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The Team Behind Round Table Storytelling Academy

Round Table Companies (RTC) has been specializing in storytelling since its incorporation in 2006. We write and design books, produce films, and create art installations for thought leaders, changemakers, CEOs, and organizations. While we’ve been in the business of educating and inspiring for years, we are now providing education services directly that guide you in telling your own stories, shining light on your own sense of vulnerability, and discovering your own authentic voice.

Our clients have included Zappos, Magoosh, Microsoft, ADP, Marketo, Workday, and hundreds of others who have relied on our team to create a safe space for their vulnerability and growth. We are the creators of the RTC storytelling art wall experience, the Vulnerability is Sexy game, and our documentary of the same name, which has won Addy and Hermes awards.