IDLife Workshop: MY Powerful Purpose

Articulate your own authentic and powerful purpose while also giving IDLife an invaluable understanding of our remarkable community.

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Why Purpose?

Research has shown a link between a strong sense of purpose and resilience.

A strong sense of purpose has also been shown to increase the chance of healthy aging.

Meanwhile, searching for purpose is causing “purpose anxiety” in too many people.

Gain Clarity

Let us guide you to a version of your purpose you've never considered before.

My purpose is to SUPPORT those who have been REJECTED by transforming their pain into SELF-ACCEPTANCE so they may experience the TRUTH of who they are created to be.

Racquel Jones
Racquel Jones
Brand Ambassador at Kannaway, LLC

My purpose is to help people when they feel stuck by leading them to unemotional clarity that shifts them from their downward spiral back into absolute power.

Asrar Qureshi
Asrar Qureshi
CEO, Ali Trust Pakistan

What You’ll Need:

Print the Worksheet

A PDF will be provided once you begin and you'll need a pen or pencil.

Just Bring Yourself

You will be guided step-by-step instruction via video instruction. All you need is you.

Take One Hour to Do This! I found the guided exercise opened up a deep part of me that wanted to be expressed, put into words.

Kari Warberg Block
Kari Warberg Block
Founder and CEO, EarthKind

This helped to solidify that I’m on the right path and also gave me a framework to articulate my purpose. I have tried so many iterations, but this exercise connected the dots for me in terms of where my purpose is stemming from, while it also grounded me in my expertise.

Virginia Almendarez
Virginia Almendarez
Founder, VAL-U Consulting

Before You Begin:

You'll Need 75-Minutes of Dedicated Time

We recommend going through the workshop in a single sitting

Limit Distractions

Sit somewhere you can focus with minimal distractions.

I’m blown away at how Corey was able to guide me to this level of clarity. Wow! I can see how everything in my life fits together to reveal my purpose. It was there all along!

Kymm Nelsen
Kymm Nelsen
Executive coach and consultant at Being First, Inc.; Cofounder of Conscious Capitalism Portland

This is not a silly little exercise. It is powerful and thoughtful and insightful. I would like to have this be available for all managers everywhere, and also I’m curious just how the clarification for myself will steer my next steps. We shall see. Fun!

Michelle Sanders
Michelle Sanders
Owner and chocolatier, Glass House Winery

Your Guide

Corey Blake, CEO, Round Table Companies

Over the past 16 years, Corey Blake has been helping companies and leaders to articulate their purpose and values through storytelling. He has been a regular speaker and storyteller at national Conscious Capitalism conferences since 2015, where higher purpose and conscious culture are continually in focus. His crowdsourced community story “My Path to Purpose” was brought to life by his team and featured at the CEO Summit in 2017, and Corey and his team shared the purposes of nine Conscious Capitalists through art and poetry at the 2018 annual conference. Corey has keynoted on the topic of purpose at the 2019 CEO Summit, the 2018 Conscious Leaders Forum, and the 2017 Small Giants Conference. He has also led workshops on purpose for YPO, Hope Global Forums, Small Giants, Conscious Capitalism, Toastmasters, and PXP in Los Angeles, and been featured on the topic on dozens of podcasts.

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