The Story Hero: A Storytelling Course

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Storytelling Course

Welcome to The Story Hero: A Storytelling Course

The Story Hero is a 7-week online course that takes an in-depth look at specific storytelling techniques needed to both capture and share your own great story. By learning how to shift perspectives and visualizing yourself as the hero of your journey, you will be supported in asking powerful questions, leaning into to profound vulnerability, and ultimately, uncover the rich details that bring your story to life in this experiential and interactive storytelling course.

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Learn from Instructor Corey Blake

The Story Hero: A Storytelling Course has been built upon Corey Blake’s 30 years of work helping to tell other people’s stories. Corey’s hundreds of storytelling clients range from brands like Mountain Dew and American Express to prolific coaches like Marshall Goldsmith and Robert Cialdini to industry-leading CEOs and company founders like Tony Hsieh and Wayne Chang.

Now, in The Story Hero, Corey invites you into the approaches he has developed over the past 15 years as the founder and CEO of Round Table Companies. Throughout the nearly 100 lessons contained in this storytelling course, participants will examine the elements of an impactful story, channel their own inner hero, and breathe life into all of their personal experiences.

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Storytelling Course Materials and Classroom Experience

Delve into a diverse selection of storytelling coursework, materials, and educational content. The Story Hero course combines step-by-step instructional videos with Corey, written articles, tip sheets, clips from films and other video media, discussion threads, practice exercises, weekly tests and journaling prompts, as well as the opportunity to participate in live workshops (led by Corey himself) with your peers. Work through each week’s assignments and materials at your own pace as you discover the impact of your own heroic nature.

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