8 Reasons Not to Hire a Ghostwriter

See why we think hiring a so-called "ghostwriter" isn't the best option for writing your book. Then read recommendations for our alternative approach and the different options open to you.

First, how we discovered ghostwriting doesn’t work for everyone who wants to write a book.

I hired ghostwriters ten years ago when my clients—CEOs and thought leaders—wanted to find a ghostwriter to write their book. After working with dozens of ghostwriters, I transformed my book writing and book publishing model dramatically. Read below why we think hiring a ghostwriter isn't the best option for the writing of your book. Then read my recommendations for an alternative approach. -- Corey Blake

Our 8 Reasons Not to Hire a Ghostwriter

The unique approach that Round Table Companies offers grew out of experiences with ghostwriters. There may be authors for which that kind of service works. But the Round Table Companies Signature Process was created out of the ashes of those who had been burned by ghostwriters in the past. Those experiences have contributed to our list --

Remember the movie where the guy hired a hit man to kill his wife?

A ghostwriter is kind of like the hit man: they both walk away when the job is over. And they both want the money up front.

Most of our clients first tried hiring a freelance ghostwriter and wasted time and money (as much as $50,000!) before they found us.

We don’t want that to be you.

Your voice.

How is your voice captured? When you work with a ghostwriter, the two of you naturally lose objectivity about your product, working in a vacuum.

Are you a good manager?

Because that’s part of the role you play when hiring an expert to provide you a service. The nature of the relationship makes you the “boss” and not the “client” to be served.

Missed deadlines, financial issues, and conflicts

All of these pop up from time to time in any business relationship. But ghostwriters don’t have an HR department so that drama gets in the way of your writing.

When was the last time you saw a ghostwriter trumpeting his new book in a local newspaper or an online article?

Never, because he’s a ghostwriter. That means you’re going to be alone after your book is finished.

Ghostwriters don’t have great expertise…

...in platform building, brand building, and marketing, so you’re going to need to hire and manage an entire team.

An individual simply doesn’t have the brain-space to help you change the world with your story.

Once they are done with your book, they are going to move onto the next one.

If you're an entrepreneur, a business owner, an artist, or an author, you can learn from Corey's story of creativity and innovation.

Tony Hsieh
Tony Hsieh
CEO, Zappos.com; New York Times bestselling author of "Delivering Happiness"

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